Behavior Analysis is an evidence based treatment for autism and related disabilities. Our team can bring this treatment to you and your family in a way that is accessible, friendly, and very positive. 


Our Mission

Mountainside ABA was created to bring practical, positive behavior analysis treatment to individuals and families. Our emphasis is on quality and family inclusion. 

It is not a question of starting. The start has been made. It’s a question of what’s to be done from now on.
— B.F. Skinner

Mountainside ABA was founded by Liz Simons. Liz is a BCBA who specializes in teaching communication and independent living skills, and decreasing problem behavior. Liz loves to share the strategies that she's learned with families and those seeking a career in ABA. She believes every individual that she works with has a variety of very effective skills. She enjoys teaching those working with an individual how to increase the skills they want to see happen more and decrease the skills that are hindering success. She loves what she does- please reach out and ask any quetsions!